10 Must Know Summer Wedding Planning and Event Hosting Tips


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Summer is right around the corner, which means wedding season, outdoor events, and seemingly endless parties. If you want to go beyond enjoying the party and host your own summer event or are planning a summer wedding next year, we’ve got ten expert summer wedding planning and event planning tips you need to consider.

Don’t Wait on Your Save the Dates

From families with school-aged children to single friends and couples, summer is a popular time for vacations. Plus, summer is also prime wedding season in most places, and it’s also the season where everyone’s calendars are packed with pool parties, music festivals, concerts, and more.

So when event or wedding planning, make sure your event or wedding date isn’t missed by sending out invites or save the dates ahead of time. The amount of time in advance that invites should be sent out varies based on the event, and for your wedding invitations or save the dates it’s best to send them out at least six to eight months ahead of time.

Opt for the Best of Both Worlds With an Indoor-Outdoor Venue

Summer screams outdoor events and weddings, but experts at event and wedding planning know that even better is giving your guests the option of spending their time indoors or outdoors. If you can, find the perfect venue that has both indoor spaces and outdoor ones, such as a decadent indoor ballroom and an outdoor terrace with a view. 

When you opt for an indoor-outdoor venue, you ensure that all your guests are happy and comfortable.

Choose a Venue With A View

Not every season allows for outdoor weddings or events, so take advantage of summer by choosing a location with a breathtaking view. From rolling hills to ocean vistas, sometimes there’s no better backdrop than nature. Not only will a view give your guests something to enjoy as they mingle, but they will take your event or wedding pictures to the next level.

Stick to Light Foods

Heavy meals and hot temperatures don’t make the best mix, so keep your event or wedding food lighter during the summer season. There are plenty of ways to incorporate light food into your event or wedding planning without compromising flavor, from gazpacho shots to cheese and fruit platters to creative salads, and more. Don’t forget frozen beverages too!

Fan it Out

For your outdoor wedding or event, make hand held battery operated fans or beautiful paper fans available for your guests to use if they need a little extra cooling down.

Keep Everyone Hydrated

Cocktails are essential, but in the summer heat so is hydration. Ensure all your guests stay hydrated with ease by having water passed around throughout your wedding or event. Or you can have self serve water stations. Step up the style and taste by infusing water with fruit like orange slices, lemon wedges, or cucumber and mint.

Ditch the Midday Schedule

Midday during the summertime when the sun is at its peak is just too hot for comfort, so avoid starting your outdoor wedding or event at that time. Instead, incorporate some natural light into your event or wedding planning by having dinner around sunset and working everything else around that. Using this event and wedding planning tip also gives you that magic hour glow for pictures. 

Provide Sunscreen and More

Even if your summer outdoor wedding or event starts after midday, your guests might have to spend a bunch of time in the sun, and chances are they probably will forget to pack sunscreen. To go above and beyond, make sure you have some at your venue, either with the bathroom toiletries or in decor matching baskets around your event or wedding venue space.

While you’re at it, make sure your guests are happy and comfortable by providing bug spray too. Keeping bathrooms stocked with blotting paper, and powders will also help by keeping your guests oil and sweat free.

Wear Fabric That’s Light and Breathable

At any event, and especially at your wedding, you want to feel and look your best, so for summer weddings and events, it’s best to opt for fabrics that are light, cool, and breathable. Some options are cotton organdy, chiffon, or silk. For men, open-backed vests can help keep things cool and comfortable, and there’s always the option of fair colored or linen suits.

If your wedding planning for a summer celebration and you absolutely want to wear a heavy traditional gown, a good option is to wear it for the ceremony and then switch into something more lightweight and breathable for dancing.

Choose the Perfect Event or Wedding Band or DJ

Summer weddings or events means that everyone is on a great vibe and has a little more energy than usual, and there’s nothing that keeps that energy going like live music. Take advantage of that by picking the perfect event or wedding band or DJ to keep your dance floor packed and your guests entertained at all times.

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