How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Date: 5 Must-Know Tips


If you just got engaged, we know that you’re out of this world excited for your big day and can’t wait to start wedding planning. But before you can plan anything, you have to pick the perfect wedding date, and the choice can be so overwhelming. After all, the date impacts every aspect of your wedding day.

So to pick the perfect wedding date, check out these must-know tips:

Get Sentimental with Special Dates

If you have no idea when you want to celebrate your big day, from the wedding season to the day of the week, one way to get some ideas on the table is by getting romantic and commemorating a special date.

Think about the ultimate celebration of your love on the same date as when you met or started dating. Or maybe you want to honor your grandparents or parents love story and use their wedding date. You can even use your wedding astrology sign. These are all great ways to pick a unique, fun, and meaningful wedding date.

Remember, you might not get the exact date you’re thinking of, because it might fall on a Monday or a day when your dream venue is booked, but you can get close.

Pick a Perfect Wedding Season

Another really helpful starting point is picking the wedding season you want. The season you choose for your wedding date can have a more significant impact on your wedding day than you might think, affecting everything from how many guests can make it to costs.

To get started think about the season when you’re both happiest, and remember all wedding seasons have their pros and unique perks, but also cons.

Spring weddings are all about pastels and blooming flowers, while summer weddings deliver tropical vibes and free-spirited energy. If you love rich colors and spiced and mulled beverages, then a fall wedding might be a perfect fit, or if magical winter wonderlands are your thing then a winter wedding might be just right for you.

When you choose the perfect wedding season for you, don’t make a huge wedding planning mistake and forget to factor in the weather. A summer wedding might sound like a dream, but if you live in the midwest, south, or southwest summer also means scorching temperatures. Likewise, if you live in the northeast, a wedding party in the dead of winter might make for unwanted transportation challenges.

Bring in Your Budget

You probably think about your wedding budget more in regards to picking out the best wedding music entertainment or your venue choices, but the date you pick for your wedding has a lot to do with your budget too.

Peak wedding season varies based on location, but for the most part, May to October are the most popular wedding months, which means prices for venues, wedding bands or DJs, and other components of your wedding might be higher.

On the other hand, less popular months, like November to March might mean that you can score serious discounts on different components of your wedding because there’s way less competition.

How About the Holidays?

Holidays can play a big role in picking the perfect wedding date too. If you’re a big holiday couple who loves the idea of a Christmas tree or mistletoe as part of your wedding decorations, or maybe an excuse to get extra pink and cover everything in hearts for Valentine’s day, then a holiday wedding might be perfect for you.

Just remember holiday weddings have their advantages and disadvantages. While a holiday wedding might be a great idea because it means time off from work and school or long weekends, it might also mean that a significant chunk of your wedding guests wont want to share the holidays with a wedding.

Check-in With Your VIPs

Every wedding couple has some guests that they just can’t get married without, whether it’s your parents, siblings, or best friends. Ask your close circle (and we mean really close) what dates work for them or what they think about your potential wedding date.

While asking your VIPs for some wedding date help is a solid choice, remember to keep it only to your nearest and dearest. Asking too many people for their input will just drive you crazy.

The Perfect Wedding Date and The Music Entertainment to Match

Once you’ve got that perfect wedding date set, contact SPN Events and see how we can provide the music entertainment to make your wedding day everything you’ve ever imagined. From live wedding bands and DJs to string trios, quartets, and more, we’ve got you covered.

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