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Are you looking for a string ensemble? We can provide string ensembles for all types of events. Here are some of the benefits of having a string ensemble if you are planning a wedding.  

Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect, which is why people typically spend months (and often the better part of a year) planning everything from the ceremony to the reception to the honeymoon. Planning a wedding indeed involves numerous elements from the guest list to the venue to the catering, and people often hire a party planner to help them with these tasks; however, it’s also important to remember to plan what kind of music you would like to have. 

Of course, wedding songs can be really anything that the bride, groom, and guests will enjoy – which means that you may want musicians who will play the most popular wedding songs or those who take a more unique approach with genres such as rock and roll, pop, rap, and country. You will probably spend a good amount of time compiling your wedding music list, and especially thinking of songs that you will walk down the aisle to. 

After all that searching, the chances are that you’ll land on a string ensemble as your entertainment of choice, mainly because string ensembles are your best bet for playing classic wedding songs that are sure to please. Elegant ensembles make your wedding have a more upscale, put-together feel, and the music that they play remains timeless and cuts across genres to apply to everyone. 

A solo musician may at first seem like you’re under-doing it, but this may be the best option for certain types of weddings, depending on what you’re looking for. For example, a solo violinist could stroll around the wedding venue and provide the kind of live music that is often only experienced when listening to street performances in a romantic place such as Paris or Italy. Or you could have a solo musician onstage playing music that emphasizes the particular sound of that instrument, whether it is a violin, cello, or other string instrument. A wide variety of music is written for solo performers, so you should be able to find something that fits your genre preferences. The sound carries particularly well for small gatherings or outdoor venues.

The string duo is one of the most popular ensembles, mainly because there is so much variety in the different instruments that can be paired together. Particularly striking are the violin and cello, which complement each other nicely as the cello provides a strong bass line while the violin adds in a melody. However, many people also choose to go with two violins, as the two performers together create a stronger harmony and can play off of each other to create exciting music.

The string trio is the most popular and most-requested ensemble, mainly because of its versatility in both the music that it plays and the number of people that it can play for. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large party with hundreds of people, a string trio can make it work and make each person feel like the music is being played just for them. The trio includes a cello to provide a strong bass line in the background as well as two violins to harmonize with each other and craft a melody with the cello.

Both of these options – four musicians for the quartet and five for the quintet – include a variety of strings to create intricate melodies and harmonies in the music that you request. These are especially good for larger gatherings, although the sound can be scaled down for small rooms as well. One of the main benefits of choosing a string quartet or quintet over a trio is that more music is written for these two options than for the trio, although you can adapt almost any genre of music to fit a string ensemble.

For large and ambitious events where you are hoping to play full pieces of music that require many instruments, consider hiring a chamber orchestra, which includes up to twenty musicians. Although this ensemble can have a very dramatic effect, you should find how much space and how many guests you have to make sure that it will not be overwhelming. For example, if your venue is going to be a large concert hall, an orchestra should be able to fill the room nicely; however, a smaller room or outdoor location wouldn’t provide an excellent way for the sound to carry, and instead might end up being too much for the limited number of guests.

Song List - available for solo instrument, string duo, string trio, string quartet, or a larger string ensemble.