Are you planning a party or event? Let SPN EVENTS help you with the best DJ.

No event is complete without a little music in the background or cranked up loud so your guests can dance.  DJs often provide the music at significant events in our lives.  They do weddings, birthdays, graduations, funerals, and many more significant milestones that we celebrate.  Good DJs can make the difference between a memorable event or a ho-hum one.  Before you hire a DJ for your next event, there are a few things you might want to consider:

This is the most important item to consider when you are looking for a DJ. You want to hire someone with the right equipment (that works), the right attitude, and the experience to recognize the ebb and flow of the gathering. DJs often control the pace of a party by knowing when to play a slow song, a hard rocker, or that one song that you just have to get up and dance to. People who have been DJing for a long time can read the mood of the guests and play the appropriate song to liven up the crowd. DJs who lack experience simply don’t know which songs work, and which songs don’t. A good DJ will always be aware of the latest dance craze. Whether it’s the Hustle, the Electric Slide, the Macarena, or the Whip and Nae Nae, experienced DJs will always include the right songs to get your guests up and moving. Like any other skill, DJing requires years to practice and perfect. An experienced DJ will always outperform a newcomer to the business.

Try to match your musical tastes to the DJ that you select. If you are a fan of country music, you want a DJ that knows all the popular country artists and songs. If you are into hip-hop, you don’t want to hire a DJ that only listens to jazz. The best DJs are into all styles of music and don’t listen to any genres exclusively. They will be familiar with past and present hits of all music styles.

Always choose a DJ with an extensive music library. In the old days, DJs had to pack around records, cassette tapes, or CDs to each event to make sure they had their full song library on hand. Buying all of this music was an expensive proposition. Today, they can store thousands of songs on a laptop or other digital device, and they only have to pay for the songs they want, not the whole album. Collecting and transporting a music library is much easier now than it used to be. Having a large library on hand makes it easier to handle requests, which makes your guests happy. All good DJs take pride in having the music that people are asking for on demand.