Do you need a band for an important event you have coming up? If so, we have all the different types of bands you could hope for! You may be wondering, “is hiring a band really what I want for my event?” Simply put, there are many useful advantages to hiring a talented multi-piece band for your event.

Bands allow you to book classy versions of popular songs for your events. Just imagine an excellently done cover version of “Uptown Funk” playing, and how excited that would get all of your attendees. The band sets always provide a nice, relaxed, yet exciting atmosphere for events, so they will be perfect whatever your planning. Everything from weddings to office parties can be well-served by this amazing service!

Are you interested in hiring us for your event? Here are our package options. Find the one that best suits your needs and then get in touch to discuss specific details about how you would like us to perform for your event!

When hiring musical band sets, you should always hire at least two musicians. With this number, you can get the right mixture of harmony and treble needed to get a beautiful sound for your event. While our larger band sets may provide more variety, the 2 piece band set is perfect for smaller intimate gatherings, or for those events that have a small budget to work with.

Overall, the 3-4 piece band set is the best option price wise that we offer. 3-4 piece band sets come with a guitar, vocalists, bassist, and drummer, allowing you to have practically any song you can think of play at your event! For those who are into rock music, in particular, this is the package we recommend the most

Looking for a jazzier or brass band sound at your event? The classier the venue, the more band members you will need to bring it to life. Thankfully, our 5-6 piece band option is fantastic at bringing some soul to your event. In addition to the instruments listed in the 3-4 piece set, you get access to brass instruments and keyboards. With this new range of sound, the possibilities of the music you can play are practically limitless. Unless you are looking for a full-on big band experience, we highly recommend getting an ensemble that is 5-6 people.

Finally, we offer fantastic deals for anyone who needs a massive band set of 7 to 12 musicians. This service will give your event the flavor it needs to be truly memorable. No matter what instrument you need to have the songs you want to be played, this package is likely to offer it. Customers are always blown away by the amazing talent of our bands when they see 7+ musicians playing in perfect harmony. For the true power of music, we recommend the 7-12 piece band set.

Ready to book one of our bands? Get in touch and we will begin discussing what songs we can perform for your event, and what sort of pricing options we can extend to you! We are always excited about livening up a client’s day with our music.