10 Reasons Live Music at an Event is Always the Best Option


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Are you planning a big event? Whether you’re getting ready for your wedding, to host a bar or bat mitzvah, or a corporate affair, a big question is how you’re going to keep your guests entertained. And how you’re going to create the event that everyone, including you, can’t forget.

While there are many special touches to make any event unique, one of the most important components of a successful event is music. And not just any event music, but live music.

Here are ten reasons why live music is always the best choice:


There’s a particular excitement to hearing a live music band or DJ that just can’t be matched with a playlist off of your smartphone.

This excitement naturally draws people in, inviting them to get on the dance floor and have the best time possible.

Why else would people spend tons of money attending live concerts or clubs with featured DJs?


No matter what the event, chances are there’s going to be a variety in your audience, and for the best event it’s essential to match that variety with your music.

No matter how in-depth of a playlist you spend tons and tons of time creating, nothing will deliver more variety than a live music band or DJ.

A Special Sentiment

Live music inspires more feeling than pre-recorded music; there’s just something special about it that makes it more enjoyable and memorable.

So whatever event you’re hosting, live music will make it way more special.

It’s Adaptable

Arguably one of the best perks of having a live music band or DJ as your event music is that they easily adjust to your audience.

Not only will a great live music band or DJ know how to change the music to adjust to different stages of the event, but they’ll know how to scan the crowd and meet their musical needs all through the event.

Live Bands Bring Elegance

While we’re not saying that a DJ can’t fit an elegant event, there’s nothing like a string trio or a harpist to bring an added touch of elegance to your event.

Less Pressure

Events can put a lot of pressure on everyone involved, but a live music band or DJ takes so much of that pressure off of you and your guests.

Are you worried about constantly making announcements? Or making sure all your guests are having the best time? Or ensuring that the event follows the accurate timeline?

A live music band or DJ can help with all of that.

And as far as your guests go, with a live music band or DJ livening up the event, there’s a lot less pressure on guests to avoid awkward situations or silences.

More Dancing

If you’re hosting an event with dancing, like a wedding or bar or bat mitzvah, there is no better way to get guests on the dance floor and keep them there than having a live music band or DJ.

A Better Atmosphere

Even if the music you play off a playlist is great, pretty quickly it’s just going to blend in with the environment and play as background music.

A live music band or DJ is never going to blend in as background music. Instead, they’ll be lively and engaging, keeping your guests entertained the whole time.

Say Goodbye to Technical Errors

Nothing kills a great event vibe more than screeching mics and technical errors, so make sure those issues aren’t a part of your event.

When you hire a live music band or DJ with experience, they’ll make sure all the technical components are taken care of, and everything flows smoothly, giving you even less to worry about.

Guests Prefer Live Music

How many times have you heard people rave about an event saying how great the live band or DJ was? How many times have you done this yourself?

Live music offers so much more than a pre-made playlist can.

The list of reasons to hire a live band or DJ for your event music goes on and on; there’s really no substitute. So make sure your next event is unforgettable with the best event music around.

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