6 Must Ask Questions for Your Wedding Live Band


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You’re planning your big day, and you have the perfect venue, decor, and food all ready to go, but don’t forget about the event music that will bring it all together to make your event unforgettable. There are so many options for a live band at your wedding, so to make sure you choose the very best, you need to know what questions to ask.

While there are some questions to ask a DJ and some questions to ask any music entertainment, there are specific questions to ask a live band to make sure your wedding music makes your big night the best wedding yet.

Here are six must ask questions to bring up with your live band options:

1. ) How often do you perform at weddings?

Not all live bands are created equal, and when choosing to hire a live wedding music band, you want to make sure they’re professionals. That means performing music at weddings is more than just an occasional or rare gig.

By asking upfront, you ensure that you hire a live band with the experience and skill needed to perform at a wedding. Plus, if a live band has many wedding bookings, it’s a sign that they’re good at what they do.

2.) What is your specialty?

You shouldn’t waste any time before asking a live band what their specialty is. A live band can be extremely talented, but if the type of music they offer doesn’t match what you’re looking for it doesn’t do much good.

Keep in mind that the best live wedding music bands should be able to stray away from their specialty enough to provide a variety of music to make you and your guests happy. 

3.) Do you perform more than one wedding a day?

If a live band is performing more than one wedding a day, it can lead to performance risk, so if the answer is yes, you need to make sure you’re ready for that possibility.

But that doesn’t mean some talented live bands can’t handle back to back performances, just make sure to ask how your option is going to manage time and set up to make sure nothing is rushed for your big day.

4.) Are you familiar with our venue?

This one is big, no matter what type of event music you’re choosing for your wedding you always want to know if they’re familiar with your venue. Different venues have different acoustics, layouts, setups, and so many other factors that impact the sound and quality of a live band.

If your top choice is familiar with your venue, then great, if not, ask if they’re willing to familiarize themselves before your wedding.

5.) How many hours and breaks are included?

Before committing, make sure that the band you choose offers enough music for the parts of your wedding you want to be covered. When it comes to a live wedding music band, you have options; you can choose to have a live band perform at your cocktail hour, reception, and afterparty, or a combination. But you want to make sure you know what you’re signing up for.

And, remember that every band needs breaks, so just check to see how many your top choice usually takes during the course of a wedding.

6.) How will you keep the party going?

Your wedding won’t seem like it to you, but it’s a long event, and sometimes your guest’s energy will go down. Not to mention the guests who don’t know anyone or just feel awkward on the dance floor, so it’s essential to ask your live band how they keep the energy going all night long.

The Best Live Band for Your Wedding

Every wedding is unique, so it needs unique event music. Whether you’re looking to ask some questions or need help picking the right live band for your big day, contact SPN Events to find the perfect fit today.


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