10 Wedding Music Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make


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Music is powerful, and on your big day, wedding music has the power to pack your dance floor all night long, keep your guests happy, and make your wedding an unforgettable one. Since even the best of the best make mistakes sometimes, we’re here to help you have incredible wedding music by avoiding these  # wedding music mistakes.

Don’t be Quick to Ditch the DJ or Live Band

At first glance it might seem like a DJ or Live Band are out of your budget, and that having a friend DJ your wedding or just using a playlist might be better options, but live music entertainment is always the way to go.

So before you ditch the wedding DJ or band, do some research, get some quotes, and remember that there’s something magical and moving that live music brings to any wedding or event that just can’t be matched.

Starting With a Silent Ceremony

When most couples think about wedding music, they automatically think about the reception, but ceremony music is essential too. Most guests will arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the ceremony begins, and you don’t want the first impression of your wedding to be silence.

It’s best to have your ceremony wedding musician ready to go at least 20 minutes before your ceremony begins.

Not Talking Options With Your Officiant

Even though your wedding is all about you, if you’re holding your wedding ceremony in a house of worship, then there might be some regulations that prohibit certain songs. It’s best to check with your officiant before agreeing on any songs with your wedding DJ or band to avoid any issues.

Not Meeting Your Band or DJ Before the Wedding

The wedding band or DJ you choose will play a huge role in keeping your guests happy and making your wedding the event of the century, so it’s a huge wedding music mistake to wait until your wedding day to meet them.

To ensure that the wedding band or DJ you want meets your standards and style, knows how to read a crowd, has the right articulation skills, and more, it’s best to meet them before you commit.

Not Checking Sound Ordinance Laws

We’re willing to bet your perfect wedding venue already needs to check off a million boxes, but whether it will allow for the wedding music that makes the best party is something to consider too. Some venues are restricted by maximum decibel levels or shut off times, and it’s always best to know before you book.

Skipping Songs Your Guests Want

We know that in many ways your wedding day is all about you, and while your wedding music should definitely match your taste and style, you also want to play the music that your guests want to hear. For most weddings, this means including a wide musical variety that doesn’t just stick to one genre to cover all your guests of varying ages, interests, and more.

By keeping your guests in mind when choosing songs and through keeping your song and genre choices diverse, you can help even the least dance inclined to bust out some moves on the dance floor.

Messing up the Flow

There’s more to great wedding music than the right songs; it’s about the order songs are played in too. When your guests are in the groove enjoying a certain tempo or genre, and they want to keep that vibe going, the last thing you want is to abruptly change the music and throw everyone off.

The best way to avoid this wedding music mistake is by choosing a wedding DJ or band that knows how to read a crowd and keep everything flowing smoothly.

Using a First Dance Song That’s Too Long

The first dance is an incredibly romantic moment, but you want to keep it to two or three minutes tops. This doesn’t mean that your favorite five minute plus song can’t be your wedding first dance song, talk to your band or DJ about playing a shortened version for you.

Forgetting the Must Play and Do Not Play Songs

A professional wedding band or DJ is going to do whatever they can to make sure your wedding music goes above and beyond your expectations, but to do that they need open communication on your part. It’s essential to discuss in detail all the songs you absolutely must have played, and the songs you want to be avoided, no matter who requests them.

Turning the Volume up Too High

You want people to get their party on at your reception, but you also don’t want to blow out anyone eardrums or make it impossible for your guests to hear each other. While some people will be on the dance floor all night, others will want a chance to mingle too, so it’s best to speak with your wedding DJ or band about keeping the volume perfect for both.

There are tons of things that can go wrong with wedding music, and while you can try to avoid them all having a professional wedding DJ or Band on your team is the best way to get through your wedding day without any wedding music mishaps. For the wedding music to make your big day unforgettable, contact SPN Events today!

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