How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Event Venue


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As the warm weather sets in, everyone wants to spend more time outdoors. Warm weather also means the chance to host events at outdoor venues. There are perks of outdoor event venues that indoor ones just can’t compete with. But, as with all things, outdoor event venues also pose challenges.

So if you need some help picking the perfect outdoor event venue, we’ve got seven things you must consider before you make a choice.

Weather Worries

We’re sure this one is no surprise, but it’s one of the most important considerations when choosing to have an outdoor event. Whether you’re preparing for your wedding or a corporate event, if it’s going to be outdoors, you’ll need a plan B.

And it’s not just all about rain either, although that’s a big one. What if it gets too hot? Too humid? Too cold?

There are tons of ways to get creative when preparing for weather like tents, cute umbrellas, decorative paper fans, fire pits, and more. And if you need more guidance, your outdoor wedding venue will likely have tons of recommendations.

If you’re really worried, you might even want to have an indoor event venue on standby, just in case.

Natural Beauty

If you’re going to host at an outdoor event venue, then you have to take advantage of natural beauty, so you’ll want to make sure your venue has some to offer.

Who needs decorations when you’ve got ocean views, lush landscapes, mountainscapes, rolling hills, exotic gardens, or stunning sunsets? Not you, let nature do the decorating for you by making sure you pick an outdoor event venue with natural beauty.


As with natural beauty, outdoor event venues also have natural light, and it plays a bigger role than you might think, so make sure to pay attention to it.

For a wedding, you’ll want to know the direction and intensity of sunlight during your ceremony so you can avoid guests, your wedding party, or officiants being blinded.

And for any event, you want to consider natural lighting for your live music entertainment too. Your event music will perform best when they aren’t basking in direct sunlight or being blinded by it.

Sound Solutions

Outdoor event venues can pose unique sound challenges, like the sound of crashing waves keeping the back row from hearing your vow exchange.

If you think this will be a problem at your outdoor event venue option, ask your venue for some recommendations or be prepared with some media equipment. If you’re hiring a live band or DJ for your music entertainment, they’ll be able to help out with this too.


Even if you want to keep your event entirely outdoors, you’ll have to pay some attention to the indoor components of your event venue.

You don’t want your guests out on a long hike every time they want to make a trip to the bathroom. In some cases, this might mean renting some fancy outdoor bathrooms and sinks.

Creepy Crawlers

Depending on your outdoor event venue, the area might be prone to some unwanted critters. It’s pretty hard to enjoy anything with mosquitos sucking on your blood or black flies swarming around your head, so you’ll want to consider this in your planning.

You can ask the venue if the area is prone to any unwanted guests, and work on solutions. Citronella candles, nets, and fire pits are some great options that can also double as decor.

Tricky Terrain

We mentioned before that a huge perk of an outdoor event venue is a natural beauty, but often natural beauty comes with landscapes and terrains that aren’t ideal for walking or dancing, especially for the guests in heels.

Wooden, stone, or other material dance floors and paths are a must in tricky terrain areas.

The Perfect Outdoor Event

Now that you know what to consider when looking for an outdoor event venue make it a perfect event with the live music to match. Contact SPN Events today, and see how our musical talent can make your outdoor event even better.


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