Here’s How to Make a Wedding Reception Fun


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Most wedding receptions have the essential touches that make for a good time, like a wedding DJ, band, or other music entertainment, dancing, and great food. But what really makes for an unforgettable wedding are the receptions full of ideas and activities that keep everyone laughing, smiling, and entertained.

Here’s some inspiration that will help you plan an unforgettable wedding reception.

A Live Painter

Sure you’ll have a photographer and videographer capturing all the greatest wedding moments, but having a painting of your first dance or dancing with your loved ones at your wedding is something else.

Plus, not only will having an artist create a live painting at your wedding reception capture your special day forever, it will give guests something interesting and different to watch. We’re willing to bet at least a few of your guests will be anticipating the final product!

Foodie Fun With Interactive Food Stations

Everyone loves food, and most people like it the most when they can have it exactly how they want it. Having interactive food stations like sushi-rolling, build your own taco stand, make your own grilled cheese, or a waffle bar will add a little dose of fun to your wedding food, and leave your guests happy and well-fed.

Photo Booth

Having a photo booth at your wedding reception will keep guests of all ages entertained, and give them a personalized party favor to remember your wedding by. And if there are extra pictures, you can keep them in a picture book as a wedding memory for yourself.

Pro tip: Photobooths are always more fun with props, so have some funny hats, mustache sticks, sunglasses, and more for your guest’s personal photoshoots.

Spark it Up

Sparklers are so much fun. Giving sparklers out to your guests will not only keep them entertained at your wedding reception, but they also make for spectacular photos and add a lot of magic to any space.

Stroll Down Memory Lane

Montages are great, but if you want to add a unique touch to your wedding ceremony you can create a real memory lane by hanging pictures of the couple and friends and family along the walk from the ceremony to the reception. Mix it up by hanging pictures of both sentimental and funny moments to give your guests great conversation starters.

Doll up the Drinks With a Tasting Station

We’re all about the interactive food stations for the foodies at your wedding reception, but don’t forget about the drinks. Add a little extra fun to your full bar by including wine, beer, or whiskey tastings.

Keep Guests Entertained During Music Breaks

Whether you hire a wedding band, DJ, string trio, or any other musical talent, they’ll have to take some breaks during your wedding reception. A big music entertainment tip is making sure that the music doesn’t cut off leaving an awkward silence just when your guests are getting in the groove of things. To avoid this, make sure you talk to your music entertainment about how breaks will be handled.

Some bands or groups will take breaks in turns, leaving a couple of members to keep playing music. For DJ breaks, make sure they have an awesome playlist to keep people dancing while they take a break.

Wedding Wheel of Fun

Having a wedding wheel is great for wedding entertainment, but if you have to give a prize to every guest that spins it, the bill is going to add up. Instead, have a wedding wheel for your guests to spin full of fun dares.

You can include dares like kissing your date, showing off your best dance moves, talking to a stranger, and more.

Get Some Advice From Your Guests

Everyone loves giving their opinion, so give your guests a chance to have some fun giving the couple advice, which will also make for a hilariously entertaining time when you sit down to read them all. You can leave advice cards by the guestbook or on the dinner table or use drink coasters with advice prompts.

Decorate With Photos to Match the Table Number

Give your guests another conversation starter by placing a picture of you from when you were the age that corresponds with the table number on each table. If the highest table number you have is more than your age, make it even more fun by including an age progression picture.

Fun Facts for the Tables

With the right seating arrangements, most guests at your wedding reception will have someone to talk to, but there’s always the chance of that dreaded awkward silence or the guest who really doesn’t know anyone. Keep things fun for everyone by having tons of conversation starters; one way is by including fun facts about the couple on each table.

Some Dance Incentive

Give your guests a little extra motivation to get on the dance floor by placing lyrics from a specific song or the name of a song you know your wedding DJ or band will play. Let everyone know when that song plays; the whole table has to get up and dance.

Wedding Reception “Lawn” Games

Having a section of your wedding reception set aside for guests to play games (even if it’s indoors and not at all on a lawn) will keep everyone entertained all night long. There are so many options for this, from giant Jenga and connect four to ring toss and corn hole; there’s a lawn game option for any wedding.

You can even throw in giant tic-tac-toe, hop-scotch, or hula hoops for the kids!

Board Games, Card Games, and All

For the guests who don’t want to play “lawn” games, there are still tons of options for incorporating games into your wedding ceremony. You can set up board game stations, a poker station, or even a college drinking game station to get everyone involved.

Dart Art

This wedding reception activity can get a little messy, but it’s so much fun. If you’ve got an artistic bunch in your wedding guest crowd, you can set up a station with canvases that have balloons filled with paint attached to them, and have guests pop them with darts from a safe distance (no one wants to get paint on their wedding attire). Not only is this such a fun activity, but it can give your guests a memorable piece to take home with them.

To keep things on the safer side, it might be a good idea to have some smocks on hand.

Late Night Food Truck

Who doesn’t love a midnight snack? After a night of dancing your guests will be hungry again, and nothing will send them home happier than a surprise late night food truck slinging tasty bites.

Send Them Off With Favors

Everyone loves gifts, so send your guests off with some fun favors. Think beans of your favorite coffee, engraved jars of local honey, candy, or even a hangover kit!

There are so many ways to make a wedding reception fun, so as you plan yours don’t forget about wedding music. Contact SPN Events, for the musical talent that will make your wedding unforgettable!


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