Here’s What You Need to Know About Wedding Ceremony Music


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When most couples think about wedding music, they think about the reception and the DJ or live band that will pack the dance floor and the songs that will have everyone moving all night long. But your wedding ceremony music is just as important.

Wedding ceremony music is the soundtrack to the most special part of your wedding day, and the right music entertainment will flood you and your guests will all the emotions and magic of your love story.

Whether you want a harpist, a string trio, or a pianist setting the mood at your wedding, you’ll need songs picked out for every section of the ceremony. 

Wedding Ceremony Music Breakdown

Every wedding is unique, but traditionally wedding ceremony music breaks down into five or six sections.


Wedding ceremony music starts with the prelude music, which is generally light, romantic, and upbeat. The prelude is when your music entertainment will set the mood for the ceremony and keep your guests entertained as they arrive and before they’re seated.

The prelude music is one of the very first impressions your guests will have of your wedding, so it’s important to choose the right songs and enough of them. Preludes generally last 20 to 30 minutes.

The Pre-Processional or Wedding Party Processional

The pre-processional or wedding party processional is the music that plays as any honored family members, and then the wedding party makes their entrance. The order of those who walk down the aisle during the pre-processional will vary depending on the type of wedding, but this can include everyone from grandparents down to the flower girl and ring bearer.

An essential tip to follow for this music is choosing songs that are neither too fast or slow. It’s best to select music that matches the natural rhythm of walking so that everyone can make it down the aisle with ease.

Bride’s Processional

In traditional weddings, the bride’s processional is the big moment where the lady in white makes the grand entrance, and it deserves its own processional song.

It’s best to have a short pause after the wedding party is all seated, and then switch the song to something a bit more dramatic. The bride’s processional music can be versatile, and you can opt for traditional, sweetly romantic, or upbeat and lively, as long as it matches the moment.

Remember, the bride’s processional is usually only about 30-60 seconds long, so once you pick the perfect song, make sure to choose the exact section you want to be played.


The recessional music is the grand finale of your wedding ceremony; it’s the music played as you make your exit as a newly married couple. This is the music that plays as everyone heads from the ceremony to the reception and gets into party mode, so the music should generally be lively, energetic, and celebratory.


As you make your exit, and guests start making their way to the reception, some will linger behind. It’s recommended to keep the music playing after the ceremony proceedings are over until all the guests have moved on.


Interludes aren’t required, but many couples choose to use them for in-between or significant moments. This is music that’s played during transitions or important rituals like the unity candle lighting or other traditions.

Interludes, especially the songs chosen to accompany rituals and significant moments should have an emotional and romantic tone.

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