How to Pick Wedding Music Like a Pro


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If you’re planning the wedding of the century, wedding music has probably been on your mind. Music is such an essential part of a wedding and any event; especially live music.

From live bands to string trios, wedding DJs, and more; wedding music creates an unmatched atmosphere, sets the mood, keeps things flowing, and sends your guests a message, so choosing the perfect event music is a huge component of an unforgettable wedding.

With flowers, cake, decor, guest lists, dresses, and so much more on your to-do list, we’re here to help you take care of the music entertainment. Here’s how to pick the perfect event music for any wedding.

Live Band or DJ?

The very first step in picking the perfect wedding music is deciding if you’re going to hire a live band, DJ, or both. Yes, you can have both, some people choose to stick with a live band for the ceremony but have a DJ at the reception.

The choice is all yours, but whichever you choose make sure you know the questions to ask your live band and the importance of hiring a professional DJ over a friend with a playlist.

Set the Stages

There will be plenty of time at your wedding where music will be playing to keep the dance floor full, but there are also stages of the event that require some special attention when it comes to picking the perfect wedding music.

So don’t forget about all the stages of your wedding, from the music that plays as your guests wait for your big entrance, to romantic processional music, and all the way down to your exit song!

Not only are these big moments the most memorable, but if you’re struggling to pick all the songs you want, starting with the big songs for these moments is a great way to get the ball rolling.

Share Your Story

Your wedding is all about you and the love of your life, so as you pick the perfect event music, think about your love story. Think about those songs that you belt out on road trips, the music that makes you think of each other, or the tunes you throw on as you cook dinner together.

Using music that sparks emotion and resonates with your story will not only make picking the perfect music for your wedding easier, but it will touch your guests too.

Mix it Up

Variety really is the spice of life, especially when it comes to wedding music. Take full advantage of the many genres and eras of music to keep all your guests happy, and to set the stages for different parts of your reception.

Slow tunes and jazzy jams are perfect to have in the background as guests mingle over dinner, while top hits and classics can really get the party started and the dance floor packed.

Keep it Flowing

While you want to make sure your event music is full of variety, you also want to make sure everything flows smoothly. Hiring an experienced live band or DJ will help with this, but if you’re picking out song orders try to keep in mind that you don’t want to shock your guest’s eardrums with drastic and unnatural changes.

Read the Lyrics

Sometimes a catchy song doesn’t always tell the greatest story. So before you commit to a song as part of your wedding soundtrack, give the lyrics a read to make sure the song is sharing the message you’re trying to spread.

Do Something Unique

Choosing your favorite songs, and the music that represents your love will make for a special wedding, but to really make it unforgettable bring some uniqueness to the table.

Whether that means picking out each other’s processional songs and keeping a surprise until the big day, making your first dance really stand out, or personally singing or performing a song for your new husband or wife, find ways to personalize your wedding with event music.

There are so many ways that music can make your wedding unforgettable. For more event music tips, or to find the perfect live band or DJ, contact SPN Events, and let’s create the wedding of a lifetime!


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