How Much Will an Event or Wedding DJ Cost You?


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More and more couples are focusing on the components of a wedding that boosts the guest experience, like food, a wedding DJ, other music entertainment, and more. We’re willing to bet you care about the guest experience at your wedding too,  after all, who doesn’t want to throw the wedding of the century that friends and family can’t stop talking about?

A big part of the best guest experience at your wedding or any event is music entertainment that keeps the dance floor packed all night long. Keeping energy levels up, reading the room, creating the perfect flow, and making sure there are no awkward mishaps or technical difficulties is a lot harder than it sounds. A professional DJ will cover all of that and more, but how much will it cost you?

How Much Does an Event or Wedding DJ Cost?

According to the Knot 2018 Real Wedding Study, that surveyed over 14,000 couples who got married in 2018 the average cost of a reception DJ was $1, 292. But don’t panic, that’s just an average, which means you can spend less on a DJ, or even more depending on what you’re looking for.

A ton of variables determines the price of an event or wedding DJ, including location, package type, venue size, length of the event or wedding, equipment access, add ons, and level of expertise. Most of these variables really depend on you, and there’s no wrong choice, except for the expertise.

Music entertainment is a massive component of your wedding, and hiring a professional DJ over a friend or amateur, can make the difference between an amazing night and a disaster. Trust us, the last thing you want is to spend your wedding night listening to more technical issues than music or worrying about your guests not having a good time; it’s your big night you should be too busy enjoying it.

What’s Included in an Event or Wedding DJ Cost?

The upside of the fee for a professional DJ is that you get way more than music. Sure, a DJ will play music throughout your reception and even your ceremony, but they’ll also be there to keep everything flowing, keep your guests engaged, ensure that everyone has a great time, and more. 

If you’re concerned about the cost of a wedding DJ, remember they’re doing a lot more than just showing up and playing music; here’s what the price includes:


Not only are you paying for the time that your DJ spends playing music at your wedding, which is usually three to four hours, but you’re also paying for the time it takes to prepare the music. Before showing up at your event or wedding, a professional DJ will put time into consulting with you to understand exactly what music you want and in selecting the perfect songs for you. 

And your DJ will also have to spend time traveling to your location, as well as set up and break down equipment before and after performing.


No one wants to deal with technical issues, especially last minute ones when your event or wedding has already started. Part of a professional DJ cost includes well-maintained equipment that won’t have any problems.

Emcee Services

As an emcee, your DJ will make all the necessary announcements at the right time to ensure your night stays on schedule. Plus, on top of making sure the different components of your wedding flow perfectly, a professional DJ will also consistently read the crowd and mix things up to match your guest’s mood and needs, so everyone is happy.

Unique Touches

Depending on the package you chose, many DJs will also offer unique services like light shows, special effects, and more.

Hiring an event or wedding DJ comes with a price tag, but for everything you get, it’s money well spent. Ensuring that you don’t have to stress over music, last minute messes or disappointments, and providing yourself and your guests with the best experience ever are so worth it.

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