Expert Tips to Get Guests on the Dance Floor


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There are few bigger buzzkills at a wedding than an empty dance floor. And you deserve the wedding of a lifetime, where you and your guests spend the night laughing, dancing, and having the best time ever. To help you get there, we’ve got seven tips to get your guests on the dance floor and keep them there all night.

Song Requests

Getting your guests hyped to show off their moves on the dance floor starts way before your wedding.

A great way to make sure your guests get on the dance floor is by asking them for a song request on their RSVP card. This method will have your guests getting excited for their song to be chosen, and if and when it does, they’re almost guaranteed to dance.

Set the Mood

At a wedding, the bride and groom and band or DJ are the biggest mood setters, and setting a good mood is a top tip for getting guests on the dance floor.

Start by making your first dance stand out. And once all the special dances are over transition into a classic upbeat tune you know your guests will enjoy.

Diversify Your Playlist

To keep your guests on the dance floor all night you want to play a mix of classic goodies, modern hip hop, and your personal favorites that represent you and your relationship.

It’s also important to consider and include the music that your wide range of guests will enjoy.

And while it’s important to personalize your wedding with music, you also want to give your band or DJ some room to flow.

Bands and DJs are professional crowd pleasers, so they’ll know how to read a crowd, and they’ll know what music your guests are enjoying and when to mix things up.

Keep the Bride and Groom Dancing

One of the biggest components of keeping your guests dancing all night is that the bride and groom should be dancing too. You’re the main event, so wherever you are is where your guests’ interest will be.

If possible, try to get your wedding portraits taken care of before your reception and your mingling done during cocktail hour, so you have plenty of time to dance the night away with your guests. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t take breaks when you need them.

And make sure your wedding party knows you expect them to be up and dancing to set an example too.

Keep the Drinks Pouring

For a lot of people, the key to dancing all night is liquid courage, so you want to keep the bar open as long as you want people dancing.

You also want to keep the bar close to the dance floor. This way when guests leave, they don’t have to wander far and can make it right back. Or if your guests are hanging out by the bar as many do, and a song they love comes on, it’ll be that much harder to resist dancing.

Play a Trick on Your Guests

If you’re really worried about getting your guests on the dance floor, you can play a little trick on them. It’s okay, we promise.

Have your DJ, band, or musicians invite everyone up for a group photo and once the picture is taken, quickly have a great song played. Everyone will already be on the dance floor, and if the song is upbeat and fun, they’ll stick around for at least one dance, probably more.

Choose Expert Musical Talent

When it comes to keeping your dance floor packed all night, music can make or break it. Picking a top-notch band or DJ will ensure that good music is flowing all night, and the attention is on keeping your guests engaged, dancing, and laughing.

Keep Your Guests Dancing All Night With SPN Events

Keeping your guests on the dance floor will make for an evening of unforgettable fun, and have your guests talking about your wedding for years to come.

At SPN Events, music is our passion, and we understand every aspect of using it to get a party started and keep it going. From string ensembles to jazz bands and DJs we’ve got everything you need to keep your guests dancing the night away. Contact us today for all your wedding music needs!


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