How to Personalize Your Wedding With Event Music


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Your wedding is all about you and love, and that should be expressed in every aspect of your planning. From food to decor, there are tons of details to help personalize your wedding, but there’s one thing that stands out against the rest.

Finding ways to personalize your wedding through event music will guarantee that you and all your guests spend the night dancing, laughing, and having the best time.

With wedding planning, a lot of attention goes to reception music, as it should. But music sets the tone for every part of your wedding, from the moments your guests spend anticipating your walk down the aisle, to your first dance, and all the way to your grand exit.

For a unique and memorable wedding, check out these five ways to personalize your wedding in every moment with event music.

Add Character to Your Pre-Ceremony Music

You might not have given it much consideration yet, but the music that plays as your guests wait for your arrival down the aisle is the first impression of your wedding.

It’s also the first chance to set the mood for your wedding, so make it count.

Add a personal touch by straying away from the traditional pre-ceremony music. Don’t worry; you can do this without straying too far from tradition. A great way to do this is by having traditional instruments play untraditional songs.

String trios, string quartets, and harpists are great traditional wedding ceremony music options. For your pre-ceremony, you can have your event music bring some pop strings into action and put a new twist on some of your favorite, less traditional tunes.

Take Full Advantage of Cocktail Hour

Think of cocktail hour as an hour of no rules. Okay, there are a few rules, but as far as event music goes, it’s a pretty free reign.

There’s a lot of music that’s not right for your ceremony, that doesn’t fit reception dancing, or is too high energy for dinner, but the cocktail hour is your chance to personalize your wedding with any music you want.

Use cocktail hour to play some of your favorite songs that don’t fit into other parts of your wedding. Just remember to keep it lively to help inspire socialization and get the party started.

Be Reception Ready

Keep your wedding personal and your dance floor packed by mixing things up during your reception. You’ll likely be starting with slow music for your first dance and other couples dances, but switching right into some classic tunes is the best way to get everyone engaged.

And for your reception, remember to cover everyone’s needs. You’re wedding guests are going to be varied, and range from your best friends to great aunts and grandparents. So make sure there’s music for everyone to dance to.

Don’t Forget About Dinner Music

The event music played while you and your guests enjoy dinner is background music, and it won’t be the main focus, but it still allows you to set the mood and add more personal touches.

You want to keep the music low-key and mellow while your guests eat, to allow them to socialize (and actually hear each other). But that doesn’t mean you can’t pick songs that mean something to you.

If you have favorite love songs that represent you and your partner that didn’t make the slow dance cut and aren’t lively enough for the dance floor, have them played during dinner.

Get Picky With Your “Do Not Play” List

Most couples pay a lot of attention to the songs they want their music entertainment to play, but your “do not play” list is pretty important too.

You want to keep your guests happy, but your wedding is ultimately about you, and an essential component of personalizing your wedding is making sure music you can’t stand isn’t a part of it.

Make sure your music entertainment knows the songs you absolutely don’t want to be played at your wedding – no matter who keeps requesting them. But, also keep your list limited. You want to give your event music some artistic liberty, and you don’t want to reject every guest request.

Wedding Music That’s All About You

When it comes to music entertainment, there’s no limit, so it’s the perfect way to personalize your wedding. And if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with any aspect of your event music, remember that you can ask your band, musicians, or DJ to step in and help.

At SPN Events, we understand how event music can bring all the delicate elements together to create an unforgettable event. Contact us today to see how we can add a personal touch to any event!


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