7 Expert Tips for Live Music at Corporate Events


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Live bands or DJs are a staple for big events like weddings or bar and bat mitzvahs, but if you’re planning a corporate event, live music is an essential component too. The right live music is just what you need to take a corporate event from an obligation to the event of the year.

Here are seven tips that will make having the best live music at your next corporate event a smooth process:

How Formal is the Function?

Some corporate culture is super casual while others can be very formal, and the same goes for events. Different formalities and event types call for different event music.

While classical piano or a string duo can be just right for a formal dinner with more seasoned guests, a super casual startup with a younger workforce might be better off with a DJ or jazz band. Whatever it is, to keep things flowing, choose event music to match your corporate event type and formality.

Consider the Age Range

Most corporate events will involve guest that have a wide age range, from people in their 20s and 30s up to 60s and 70s, so it’s essential to consider event music that has something to offer everyone.

Keep it Work Appropriate

While corporate events should be fun, it’s still a work function and what happens at a corporate event can impact everyday work life. There’s a fine line between fun and inappropriate, so make sure not to cross it with your live music option.

It’s best to stick with classics and music that is well known and well received. It’s also a good idea to avoid overly explicit song lyrics.

Match the Music With Event Activities

Unlike other events like a wedding where having guests dance all night is a goal, that’s usually not what all corporate events center around.

At most corporate events there will be a good mix of chatting, eating, networking, and depending on the event some dancing, so it’s best to pick a live music option that can mix it up to match the event activities without disrupting anything.

Keep the Dress Code Consistent

Your live band or DJ will probably want to know what to wear to a corporate event, and while this seems like a trivial factor, it can have a pretty big impact.

If the band or DJ is overdressed, it might leave guests feeling like they didn’t dress up enough, or if they’re underdressed, they might feel awkward as the center of attention, especially if they’re helping with MCing.

Avoid any awkwardness for everyone by communicating the dress code that your guests will follow with your event music too.

Venue Size Matters

When planning a corporate event, you’ll be sure to pick a venue that fits all your guests comfortably, but the size of your venue is a factor to consider when picking event music too.

A string duo can get lost in the crowd at a huge event, while a loud rock band might be overwhelming at a small venue, and so on.

Put Some Burden on the Band

Planning a corporate event can be stressful whether you’re a professional event planner or an employee or manager putting the event together. Most companies don’t have too many corporate events a year, and with a focus on celebrating employees and boosting morale, there’s a lot of pressure.  

Luckily, when you chose amazing event music, you can pass along some of the burdens to your band or DJ. The best live bands and DJs will be super helpful with making announcements, keeping the energy up, and ensuring that guests are having a good time.

The Best Live Music for All Your Events

At SPN Events, music is our passion, and we know just how much the right live music can take an event to the next level. For your corporate events and all the others, contact SPN events today to see how we can provide the best live music and so much more.


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