Fall Inspiration for Your Trendy Event

Fall event planning is either ramping up or winding down – it depends on when you started. No matter what stage you’re in right now, you still have time to create a beautiful backdrop inspired by the colors and textures of the fall season.

Here are a few 2018 event décor trends that guests are talking about long after the party is over.

Take a Walk on the Dark Side

Moody colors – think burgundy and black – create a dramatic color palette for fall events. Burgundy, plum, hunter green, deep blue, and black all make a bold statement and lend an air of mystery to your décor. If you’re going for a bohemian theme or want to create a romantic ambiance, go with these edgy color trends.

Complete décor for your fall event with dark wood tables, or dark tablecloths if a natural wood isn’t possible. Use loose greenery for table runners. Choose black glassware for your champagne toast or copper mugs if you’re serving hot toddies or coffee. Dishes in black or gray with gold or burgundy accents work well in industrial settings.

Have You Heard of the Industrial Look?

Rustic chic and vintage décor is still popular, especially for weddings, but this year the new word is industrial. Not just the choice of wedding couples, industrial works for any event. Those hosting charity events, anniversary celebrations, corporate dinners, and just about every other type of gathering are taking advantage of renovated lofts and warehouses with exposed metal piping and brick walls. All design components of the industrial style.

Don’t forget the entertainment – whether you prefer a string quartet, a jazz trio, or a solo performer, music is the centerpiece of any event. Industrial venues, with their often expansive spaces and tall ceilings, are great for a variety of musical genres.

Oh, Là Là Velvet!

If your interest is piqued by dark moody color trends for event décor, prepare to fall in love with the texture and allure of velvet. Velvet is not a throwback to a bygone era – it’s a classic! Velvet is elegant, luxurious, and versatile. This rich fabric works for any event style, from classic to formal to eclectic.

Consider bringing in velvet chairs and lounge chairs – velvet works well in industrial and vintage venues. Add velvet to the table with table runners, napkins, and table numbers. Add a bit of texture to invitations by wrapping them with a velvet ribbon.

If your event is a wedding, what about velvet shoes and a velvet clutch for the bride or wedding attendants? Grooms can get in on the fun with velvet bow ties or shoes. Continue the velvet theme with a Red Velvet cake!

It’s a Sign

Wedding signage has grown in popularity over the last few years but in 2018 the trend is neon. And neon isn’t just for weddings! Neon signs add a glow all events, including corporate dinners and birthday celebrations. Couples share their favorite phrase or last name in neon. Make a statement with a heart-shaped sign. What about your corporate colors in neon? It’s a bold idea and most of your guests will have never seen neon at a wedding or any other event.

Imagine your name in neon as a backdrop to the band you’ve chosen for the entertainment. Guests will leave knowing they’ve just attended the coolest party of the year!

Ready to finish your fall event plans? Don’t forget the “texture” that music adds to your celebration. Contact SPN Events today for the best selection of musical talent!

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