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Word on the street is that the popular barn wedding trend may be coming to an end.

Of course, that is if you pay much attention to wedding planners and those in the business who predict wedding trends. And why wouldn’t you pay attention to people in the wedding business? They are at least partially responsible for introducing trends.

If the predictions come true wedding venues in 2019 will look less rustic and more elegant.


The New Barn Wedding

One very popular trend, the barn wedding, may not be entirely out, but it will look a bit different. Barn weddings have come a long way in the last few years. It used to be the venue couples chose when they wanted a western themed wedding.

Barns are an ideal venue for western themes but they certainly work for just about any other theme. What seems to be trending out is the rustic and vintage motifs often associated with barn weddings.

Greenery is in for 2019. Don’t abandon the barn venue but you will want updated decor.

Instead of shabby chic,  2019 will be the year for southern elegance. Imagine the rustic barn with a makeover. Round tables dressed with elegant linens, greenery, and candelabra. No more long farm tables or mason jar candles.

With greenery replacing heavy floral centerpieces, the new trend will be bringing nature inside your venue.


The Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings have always had a following but in 2019 more couples will be incorporating the outdoors.

Couples will look for venues with gardens and large outdoor spaces where guests can mingle. Even if the ceremony itself doesn’t take place outside couples want guests to be able to enjoy natural surroundings.

Private estates are one option as they typically have beautifully appointed gardens. Some have swimming pools, which go well with the weekend wedding trend.


The Raw Space

Couples are looking for venues where they can create a wedding that asserts their unique personalities. Modern couples love the industrial look in home design and that spills over to party venues as well.

Raw spaces include warehouses and other buildings with concrete walls that have been lovingly repurposed. A blank palette, these venues are perfect for the industrial look, which includes touches of brass and other metals paired with the softness of greenery and paired down florals. The look is modern and minimal and couples love it!


Eating Drinking and Dancing

When venues change, so does food and entertainment.

Couples are moving towards smaller guest lists, especially if they choose one of the smaller venues. Smaller guest lists mean more personalized ways of serving food and drinks. The buffet line may become less popular. More intimate table service pairs well with the newer appeal of southern elegance.

Smaller venues like the private estate or garden wedding are ideal for a single classical guitarist or a harpist. If you choose a large venue such as the warehouse or barn-type building, imagine a jazz trio or string quartet. Even the smallest venues can usually bring in a dance floor, so don’t discount the idea of a DJ if that’s what you prefer.

In the end, it’s your wedding, so if you’ve dreamed all your life of exchanging vows in a barn or by the side of a creek, then don’t worry about what the wedding planners say. You can incorporate fun and elegance in any venue. Pay attention to the trends but don’t let them sway you too far from the wedding of your dreams.

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