The Classy Couples Guide to Tipping


Wedding season is here! Hopefully, your venue and vendors are secured. One item you may not have accounted for in your budget is tips for vendors.

Are you feeling a little puzzled right now? No one told you about tipping vendors? You may need to make some adjustments to your budget since tips can add up quickly. Tips could add up to a few thousand dollars by the time you’re finished. Read more to understand who should get tips, and how much each vendor should receive.

You Mean Tips Aren’t Included?

It’s possible. Caterers sometimes include a gratuity in their contract, and the gratuity would be divided among the workers.  Not all vendors do this, so it’s up to the bride and groom to figure out who should be tipped, and how much. If you’re still feeling bewildered, compare your wedding day to a large dinner at an elegant restaurant. You wouldn’t think of walking out without leaving a tip for the fantastic service you received. It’s the same with weddings except there are many more participants who work hard to ensure your wedding is an event to remember.

Rules and Regulations of Tipping

The funny thing about tips, there are no set rules, only guidelines. You don’t have to tip, and most vendors won’t even expect to get a tip at the end of the event. A tip is a way a classy person makes sure everyone involved in the success of a significant event knows how much their service was appreciated. Weddings don’t just happen. They’re produced by a team of people who love what they do. Let them know that you know just how hard they’ve worked to make your day complete.


Who to Tip

First, go over your vendor contracts and make sure none of them have tips built into the contract. Then take time to think about how each vendor has or will contribute to your wedding day. These are a few people who should be tipped:


 Bartenders

 Caterer

 Florist

 Hairstylist(s)

 Makeup artist(s)

 Musicians/Entertainment/DJ/Band

 Photographer(s)

 Transportation Drivers

 Videographer(s)

 Waiters

 Wedding Coordinator or Planner


It’s quite a list isn’t it? This isn’t a definitive list – you may have other vendors – but it’s a great start.


How Much to Tip

You are convinced now that tips aren’t expected but something you want to take care of, right?

Go ahead and log back into your budget spreadsheet because you need to make some adjustments. Tips can be a standard percentage, say 15 to 20 percent. Or you can tailor the tip to the service. Maybe your DJ went above and beyond to accommodate an unusual playlist. Maybe your baker created a cake topper with a bride and groom that looks just like you. You might consider giving them more than the standard tip.  What’s important is to include tips in your budget and make sure they’re given out at the end of the event. If you need to allocate the task to your new brother-in-law, hand over the envelopes, your vendors will love you! If your budget is completely maxed out at this point, there are other ways to let a vendor know you appreciated their service. While all vendors should receive a thank you note after the wedding, a great review on the vendor’s website, Facebook, or other social media platform, goes a long way. And that’s the conclusion of the most crucial tip to check-off your wedding to-do list.

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