8 Questions to Ask Your Venue Before Booking Live Music for Your Wedding or Event

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One of the first tasks you have to handle for a wedding or event is picking the venue. Your venue will impact most of your other decisions, and booking it will make your event or wedding to-do-list feel so much more manageable. 

But, picking the perfect event or wedding venue is no easy task. There are tons of questions to ask before you sign. If you plan on having live music at your event or wedding, the venue you choose can impact your choices. But don’t worry, you can find the perfect venue and the music that keeps the party going. Here are eight questions to ask your venue about live music accommodations:

Is Live Music Allowed?

Okay, first thing first, is live music even allowed at your venue of choice? Believe it or not, because of noise pollution, neighbors, and laws, some venues have strict restrictions on live music. 

If you’ve found your dream venue and they do have music restrictions, don’t panic, but do find out the details. Often, limits are only for amplified music, which means you can still opt for a string quartet, unplugged acoustic musicians, or an unplugged jazz band. 

Is There a Sound System?

Some venues have their own sound systems, and if that’s the case, there are some details you’ll want to know. 

For venues that do have a sound system, find out if it’s optional or not. If your band is obligated to use the venue’s system, you might need to hire a venue recommended or approved sound engineer to make sure things run smoothly. 

If your venue of choice doesn’t have a sound system, that means your event or wedding band or musician will have to bring their own. It’s best to make sure your music entertainment has quality equipment, which shouldn’t be a problem when you hire professionals

Are There Noise Restrictions?

Even if live music is allowed at your venue, there are likely noise restrictions.

Depending on the venue, certain elements like electronic drum sets or guitar and bass amps may not be allowed. While many professional event and wedding bands have learned to work around these restrictions, in many cases, it might mean getting creative with your options. If this is the case, you can opt for a roaming acoustic performance or string pieces. 

Many venues also have decibel limits, and while a limit like 80 decibels might sound just fine to you, in reality, it’s very low for event or wedding music. When dealing with decibels, remember 80 is too low, 90 is average, and 95 is pretty good. For live music for a wedding or event, it’s best to aim for no lower than 90 decibels. 

How Much Space is There for the Band?

Nothing will put a damper on an incredible music performance like not having any room to work with. Make sure to find out how much space your venue has for the band, and how many musicians they can accommodate. 

You should also check with your music entertainment choice to see how much space they need. 

Is There Unloading Space and Parking Options for the Band?

Your event or wedding band, DJ, or musician will need space to park while unloading, and for the duration of your event. So check with your venue to make sure there’s a loading area accessible, and to find out if parking for your music entertainment is free or not. 

Is There Enough Access to Power?

If your wedding is going to be both outdoor and indoors, and you want your music entertainment to perform outdoors too, you need to ensure that there’s adequate access to power supplies at your venue.

How are the Acoustics?

Poor acoustics can ruin the live music at your wedding or event, so make to consider that when you’re touring your venue space. Tile or wood floors will amplify sounds, while carpet will muffle them. Low ceilings can make music uncomfortably loud, while some venue styles can create unwanted echoes. 

When is the Music Cut Off?

We know you and your guests will want to keep the party going all night, but to meet their license agreements most venues will have music cut off time, and you’ll want to find out what that time is and how strict it is. 

At SPNEvents, we can provide the perfect music entertainment for any venue, contact us today and find yours!

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