6 questions you need to ask your wedding DJ


When considering a wedding DJ, there are a variety of questions that must be asked. The booking process can be filled with all sorts of details that need to be ironed out. When planning your wedding event, it is important to hire a DJ who understands your needs. Here are a few simple questions to ask when scouting your DJ.

1. Is this your main occupation?

If you’re planning a wedding, the last thing you want is a “weekend warrior”. A professional offers a level of experience and expertise that is unrivaled. Part-time DJs tend to be more one dimensional and less well rounded.

2. Are weddings your typical area of focus?

A DJ who primarily focuses on weddings is able to provide a fully customized musical experience for the couple. Instead of coming to you with a playlist already decided, their hire means you have access to a combination of their musical expertise, with a healthy dose of your personal taste mixed in. Be sure to book a DJ who is willing to listen and take suggestions.

3. Is the DJ good with crowds?

Don’t be afraid to ask a DJ what methods they have in mind for pumping up the crowd. A wedding event is only as good as the entertainment hired. A quality will be able to provide demos or recordings of past performances so that you have a good idea of how they work.

4. What about requests?

Every wedding party has those guests who will swarm the DJ with their personal musical requests. During the booking process, it is pivotal to find out how the DJ will go about dealing with these requests. Depending on what the couple desires, a DJ can either try to fit these requests in or have a chosen member of the bridal party screen them ahead of time.

5. Have you played at our venue before?

Since the sound quality varies greatly from venue to venue, it is important to find out if your DJ has ever played at your wedding location. It doesn’t hurt to hire a DJ who either has experience with your venue’s particular acoustics or is willing to do a test run prior to your big day.

6. Do you offer any additional services?

A DJ that can provide additional services helps to personalize your wedding. LED lighting and video screens can provide pivotal visual aids and put your wedding event over the top. With video screens, couples have the option to play slideshows of personal photos during the ceremony. Just be wary of DJs who try to offer you services that you don’t need. Any contract you sign with a DJ should clearly outline what services will be provided and how much they will cost.

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