Tips for Last Minute Party Planning


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So, you fell in love over dinner. Had a ring on your finger within a month. Decided you wanted the ring bells to ring sooner rather than later.

Don’t let anyone accuse you of wanting your own reality show. You’re just a romantic, right?

Or, maybe you’ve just been asked to plan a last-minute event for your parent’s anniversary. A fun get-together for your team at work. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, you can pull off an event even if you only have a month, a week, or… 24 hours.

We’ve pulled together a few tips that should help you maintain serenity and plan a party that our guest will talk about until next year. You might even get an invitation to do it again!

Create a Budget

All events need a budget. Last minute planning puts couples in a rush, so they don’t take time to think realistically about finances. Take a day, if possible, and look at your bank account. Figure out what you can spend without causing stress to pay your normal bills the month after the wedding. Why start married life at odds because you’re short on funds to keep the lights on? Sure, it’s common sense to think you need a budget, but you’re in a whirlwind right now.

If it’s a work event, sit down with whoever has the final word on money and set the budget together.

Don’t Forget a Checklist

All events need a checklist. When you’re under stress, and we guarantee you will feel at least a small amount of stress, a to-do list brings a certain feeling of calm to any situation. Put every detail on the list even if it seems trivial. And don’t put the list together by yourself – enlist the help of your partner, your family, or a co-worker. It’s easy to miss things. Imagine arriving at your wedding reception and realizing you forgot to order toasting glasses.

Keep it Simple

A day, a week, and even a month is typically not enough time to put together an elaborate affair. You probably won’t find someone who can create a custom wedding dress. You may not be able to book your favorite venue. It’s holiday season too, so keep in mind that some party planners reserved venues, food, and entertainment during the summer. If you keep things simple and remain open to suggestions, your event can still be the wedding of your dreams (maybe toned down a bit) or the party everyone talks about in the break room on Monday. Be prepared to compromise but also don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. You never know what might be possible until you ask.

Keep it Small

Don’t worry about making it a huge gathering. Invite one or two of your best friends to act as wedding attendants. Pare the guest list down to your favorite people. For an office event, limit guests to only team members, not the entire company. Of course, if you work in a small office it makes it easier and then you might consider giving the okay for people to bring a guest. Focus on inviting an amazing yet varied group of people. The fact that you’re throwing this party together is the perfect excuse for not inviting your best friend’s aunt or the co-worker from Accounting who’s always trying to spy on your team.

Hopefully, these tips helped you get your calm back while planning your last-minute event. We can’t sew a wedding dress or put together the buffet, but we can offer a variety of options for entertainment. Call SPN Events today and let us help you find the music.

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