5 Music Entertainment Tips for Any Event


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So you’re ready to plan the year’s biggest event? From the wedding of the century to the birthday bash to top them all, music entertainment is a big part of a spectacular event. We know you have a lot to handle, so to make sure the event music is taken care of, we’ve got your back with five tips for hosting an event with live music.

Match the Music Entertainment to the Size of Your Venue and Guest List

You might love the idea of a string octet as your music entertainment option, but if you’re working with a small venue and short guest list, chances are that’s not the best choice. And if you have a huge guest list and the venue to match, a violin soloist might not do the trick.

Likewise, a DJ might be perfect for a big bash, but if your event is going to have more intimate moments, you might have more success with a jazz band or a string trio.

So before you book your music entertainment, make sure to have at least a general idea of your venue and guest list. It’s best if you know the venue you want to use, and have an idea of where the musicians will be throughout the event.

Let Your Musicians In on the Action

For events, a lot of focus is on the guest experience, but your musicians need to get in on the action too.

If you place your musicians in a spot where they look great but can’t see when the bride and groom are walking down the aisle, things will just be thrown off. And if you’ve got your DJ in what you think is the perfect spot, but they don’t have an optimal view of your guests, they won’t be able to read the crowd which is a big part of their performance.

Set your musicians up for success by putting them not only where they’ll look good, but where they can blow your guests away.

For outdoor events, keep your music entertainment out of the blinding sun. And if you’re going for a dim-lit ambiance, give your musicians a spotlight so they can see and be seen. 

If you’re feeling lost about where that perfect spot is, ask your musicians!

Be Electric

If you’re throwing a sizeable event, your event music might have to be amplified so everyone can hear. And it always helps to prepare for the worst, so it’s a good idea to make sure the venue has a backup generator, just in case the weather gets wild.

Rules and Regulations

When you think of a fun event, rules and regulations are probably the furthest things from your mind, but you should always make sure the music you want is allowed at your venue. 

Many venues will need loud event music stopped after a certain time, so factor that into your planning. And some venues, like ones that fall in residential areas, might have noise ordinances, which means you’ll be better off with string instruments than a DJ.

Choose Musicians That Will Go Above and Beyond

The most important event music tip that will make your event unforgettable is picking experienced music entertainment that will go above and beyond for you.

At SPN events, we know just how important having the best talent at your event is, and we’re all about keeping you and your guests happy. Call us today, and see how we can make your next occasion the event of the century.


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