Top 10 Alternative Corporate Entertainment Ideas for Breaking the Ice


Sometimes breaking the ice can be really tough. Especially at a large event where many people will be present. Corporate events can be tricky because not everyone will know each other and people might be at a loss for conversation openers. That’s where icebreakers come in! We have created a list of corporate event ideas that will help you start your planning.

If you’re looking for some icebreakers for an upcoming corporate event that you’re planning, then look no further! We’ve compiled a great list of 10 great ideas so you can begin planning your event. Take a look at them and see how you can incorporate them into your ideas. And, most importantly, have fun!

1. Music

Musical entertainment is a great way to get the night going, a great way to break up the evening, and a great way to end the night. No matter when you plan to bring in the musical entertainment, your guests will have something to enjoy and discuss together. Music always puts people in a great mood and will make the atmosphere calm and easy, which is exactly what you want for a large event.

2. Games

Games are great icebreakers because they require communication. People won’t fumble for something to talk about when they have a game right in front of them because they will be immersed in the fun. You don’t even have to come up with games that are complicated–you could plan games like charades, musical chairs, or even a board game to begin the evening and get people talking. It’s a foolproof idea!

3. Dancing

Dancing is another great icebreaker because again, it involves communication. You could do something so simple as hiring a dance instructor and having an hour-long dance-off. Your guests will have a great time and they will learn some new moves! Also, you can be confident that this will break the ice. Dancing will loosen everyone up and will make the atmosphere casual and fun.

4. Photos  

Why not rent a photo booth for your next corporate event? Photo booths are great for making memories and for creating some silly fun. Especially if you have some props, like a wig, some glasses, and some funny hats. People will want to take some pictures and have a great time!

You could even make a game based on the photo booth. Like, for example, whoever takes the funniest picture wins a prize. This will be a big hit with the crowd!

5. Glow shows

There is some great entertainment you can hire to provide a fun evening. Glow shows are fun because they feature lights and music, two elements that will make people feel relaxed and at ease. A show that’s 20 minutes to a half hour long should be perfect for your event.

6. Juggling

Why not hire a juggling act? Juggling is difficult to do, but it’s fun to watch! Just a short juggling show that’s maybe a half hour long will be perfect to break the ice and make people laugh and feel excited about the night. This idea also won’t break the budget, which is ideal. There’s no need to spend a ton of money on icebreakers when there are so many inexpensive options out there!

7. Comedy

Comedy is a foolproof way to break the ice. When people are laughing, they are way more likely to be open and to create conversations with those around them. Hiring a comedian for a short show will start off the evening with ease and will lead to some fun later in the event! People will have something to talk about and will enjoy themselves even more.

8. Ventriloquism

Ventriloquists are so fun to watch. They’re almost mesmerizing. Why not have a little ventriloquist event to start off your event? People will be sure to love it! It’s something different that people probably don’t see on the regular.

9. Magic

Magic shows are always great no matter what! They draw in a crowd and are a great time for everyone. Having a short magic show at the beginning of your next corporate event is never a bad idea! Just basic show that’s about a half hour long will be enough to make the crowd ooh and ahhh, and to break the ice!

10. Sports

Sports are a great way to initiate some communication in a large crowd. We’re not saying to have a full-field football game at your next corporate event–maybe something a little simpler will suffice. For example, set up a little obstacle course, or a little game of catch with some prizes for the guests. People will be sure to love it, and it will definitely break the ice. People will learn about each other while focusing on whatever sport they’re playing. The rest of the event will go smoothly after this fun introduction!

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