Stepping Into Your Spring Events

It might not feel like it depending on where you are, but spring is right around the corner. With warmer weather, more sunshine, blooming flowers, and the enticing start of summer on its way, there are few more inspiring seasons. To help you capture that inspiration, we’ve got seven spring event planning tips to help your next big event step into spring.

Flourishing Floral

There’s nothing that says spring quite like flowers, and this season brings with it seemingly never-ending options of in bloom flowers to choose from for any event decor.

From weddings to Mother’s Day celebrations and everything in between, flowers are a must. And the best part? With so many flowers in bloom and easily accessible in the spring, you can save a little green.

So go ahead and feel free to add some floral to all aspects of your event decor. Some of the best spring flower options are peonies, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, lilacs…the list goes on and on.

And if you’re not so crazy about a ton of floral at your spring event, a great option is decorating with succulents. Succulents offer a splash of color and texture to any spring event decor, without being overly flowery.

As a plus, succulents are super easy to maintain, and you can send them home with your guests as an extra treat.

Get Colorful

A spring event means there’s no shortage of color options. With pinks, reds, violets, yellows, blues, and whites there’s a palette to meet every event need without being restricted to easter egg shades.

And if bold spring colors aren’t your thing and you want to keep your spring event color a bit more subtle, then opt for light blues, soft pinks, and lavenders. These shades are so spring, and they won’t overwhelm a space.

Fabulously Fresh Food

As with flowers, spring also means the abundance of tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, which makes sticking to a light, fresh, and healthy menu perfect for any spring event.

Compliment your main dishes with spring-inspired salads and fresh grilled vegetables. And keep the spring food theme flowing into desserts by taking advantage of fresh fruits; strawberries dipped in chocolate are always a hit.

Pour Some Rosé

There is no spring or summer drink more popular than rosé, so make sure it’s on your drink list.

You can keep it simple by just having some chilled rosé ready to go or get creative by serving up some blended rose (frosé) or creating some rosé based cocktails.


Fun and fairytale inspiring lighting is a staple at events, especially weddings, so make sure your spring event has it all.

Bring out the candles, hanging lights, lanterns, or even tabletop lights to create a dreamy atmosphere and showcase your spring colors.

Spring Sounds

Whatever your big spring event is, music entertainment is the finishing touch that will bring everything together.

Whether you want a string trio or string quartet, jazz band, DJ, or solo musician, live music will amp up the vibrancy of any event.

Watch the Weather

The warmer weather that comes with spring makes it a perfect time for outdoor events, but in many places, like NYC, spring can be a little hard to predict.

Luckily, with some tips you can avoid any tricks mother nature tries to play on you.

If you’re hosting an outdoor spring event, make sure to have a plan B like some great tents or an indoor option in case it rains.

And, in case it just gets too hot, you can hang parasols and fans on your guest’s seats so they can use them to cool off. Not only will this keep your guests from overheating, but it brings a little extra fun and decor to your spring event; everyone loves props!

And to be ready for any extra chilly temperature drops, make sure to be prepared after the sun sets and have some portable heaters for your outdoor spring event.

Spring Into an Unforgettable Event

From weddings to corporate events, top your spring event off with the best musical talent around. Contact SPN events today, and see how we can make your next event unlike any other.

Photo by Photos by Lanty on Unsplash

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