Planning the Perfect New Year’s Eve Party


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New Year’s Eve is a magical night. The air is filled with excitement, joy, and the sparkling potential of new beginnings. A New Year’s Eve party is the perfect way to capture all of that in an unforgettable event. These New Year’s Eve party ideas will help you start the new year off with a bang.

Get Glitzy With Decor

Whether you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve event at home or a venue, go all out on the decor.

A New Year’s Eve event is all about sparkles, glitz, and glam. Ditch the red and green of the holiday season and replace it with gold, black, and silver.

Confetti is a must, especially for when the ball drops, so stock up on confetti poppers. You can also use flameless candles to add an elegant and warm vibe.

Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive either. There are tons of ideas for keeping decorations festive yet low budget. One great New Year’s Eve party idea is dipping the bottom of balloons in glitter for an instant room transformation.

Fun Food

Your guests will probably still be stuffed from all of the holiday overeating, so it’s okay to keep your New Year’s Eve party food on the lighter side. Get creative with finger foods, and try to keep the options diverse.

If it’s your style, you can invite guests to bring their favorite appetizer to ensure that everyone has something they love to eat.

If you do want to serve a meal or two, stick to something light like festive salads and vegetable dishes. This will make food prep easier on you, and get your guests started on those resolutions.

But it’s not the new year yet…so don’t forget some sweet desserts too.

Drinks, Drinks, Drinks

Most New Year’s Eve events are going to be centered around drinks, so make sure you stock up.

You can’t have a New Year’s Eve party without champagne, but have fun with it. Try out a mimosa bar where guests can add various juices and fruit to their champagne. For the gentlemen at your event, you can macho it up with a black velvet option – that’s a stout beer like Guinness mixed with champagne.

Another fun idea is using festive drink tags to add some extra glitz and to help guests keep track of their glasses.


What’s a New Year’s Eve party without music? Far from perfect. Whatever your event style, find the best music entertainment to make your event unforgettable.

From string pieces to jazz bands or DJs, the right live music will take your New Year’s Eve event to the next level. Whether music will be a soft background to mingling or the highlight of your dance floor, it’s not a party without it.

Bring Out the Party Games

With the right decor, drinks, and live music keeping your guests entertained should be no problem. But if your guests need a little more entertainment, bring out some party games.

A fun way to get guests talking is by playing “two resolutions and a lie.” Rules are simple – guests share three resolutions, and other guests figure out which one is a lie.

If your party is on the intimate side, you can have all your guests write their top resolution down on a piece of paper, and then have everyone match resolutions to the right guest.

Ringing In the New Year Right

Huge New Year’s Eve event at a venue or intimate at-home party – either way, you’re going to start the new year off right and keep it going, we know it. For New Year’s Eve and all the events to come, contact us to see how SPN Events can provide the music to make all your events unforgettable.

Happy New Year!

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