How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Playlist


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Wedding music is one of the most important components of your big day; from stirring emotion to keeping everyone entertained, and everything in between, music can be the difference between a good time and an unforgettable time. With that said, we know wedding planning takes a lot, so we’ve got some tips to help make planning your wedding playlist as easy as can be. 

Band, DJ, Ensembles, and More

The first step in planning the perfect wedding playlist is picking who is going to be playing it. When it comes to live music for a wedding, the big question is usually “band or DJ?” But that’s not all; there’s also the option of a string quartet, a string trio, a soloist, and so much more. 

Whatever you choose, it’s essential to decide before you start planning your playlist, because the type of music entertainment you have at your wedding will affect the songs you choose to play. 

When you choose live music entertainment for your wedding, you don’t necessarily need every single song planned out, part of your musical talent’s job is to read the crowd and play the music that everyone will enjoy. But, no matter who you hire, it’s your wedding, and it’s important to create a list of must play songs you don’t want to be left out. 

Start Simple (With the Absolute Musts)

Planning your wedding music playlist can get a little complicated, not only do you have to pick songs that you love and that your guests will love, but you also need to plan when to play them to keep everything flowing smoothly. 

Keep things simple by starting with the songs that you and your fiance absolutely must have played at your wedding, whether it’s the song you know you want to dance to for your first dance or a song you know will get the dance floor packed and the party going. By starting with the songs you already know, picking what songs to play before and after them will be a lot easier. 

Get Inspired

We all have music that we absolutely love, but there are so many songs out there that you’ve probably never heard before that could be perfect for your wedding playlist, or maybe you’ve heard it before and completely forgotten about it. 

Find new or forgotten wedding music to add to your playlist by listening to playlists you’ve created in the past, searching for love playlists on Spotify, or watching some wedding videos on Youtube. If you have time for a movie night, you can also try watching some rom coms for wedding music inspiration. 

Break it Down

Breaking any task into smaller, more manageable steps is always so much less stressful than tackling it all at once, and planning your wedding playlist is no different. Break your music categories down into ceremony music, cocktail hour, the first dances, dinner, and the dance party. While this break down is a great way to start, customize it to fit your unique wedding. 

Not only will breaking your music down into sections make it easier to complete your wedding playlist, but it’ll also ensure that the music you pick flows and matches the mood for the different parts of your wedding. 

Ask for Suggestions

Sometimes the songs you know you must play or inspiration from playlists and such isn’t enough to pack your wedding playlist. Another fun way to get some song ideas is by asking your guests! You can drop a line in your RSVP cards like “I promise to dance if you play….” and have your guests offer up a song they want to hear or party to. 

Remember, it’s your wedding, so just because you’re asking for suggestions doesn’t mean you have to include all of them. Asking guests for suggestions can help you pick songs you wouldn’t have thought of on your own and will help keep the dance floor packed too. 

Listen to the Lyrics

If while planning your wedding playlist, you find a song that you think will be a good fit, make sure to fully listen to the lyrics before adding it to your wedding playlist. There are always those songs that sound super romantic, but end up being the complete opposite. 

Keep it Diverse

A must follow wedding music rules is to include a lot of variety. Your guests will be of all different ages, and they’ll have different tastes and interests, so to keep everyone happy and your dance floor packed all night, your wedding playlist should be full of various genres, eras, and more. 

Of course, if there’s a genre of music you or your fiance absolutely can’t stand, feel free to keep it out. 

Give your Band or DJ Artistic Liberty

It’s your wedding, and you should get to enjoy the music you want, but whether you choose a band, DJ, or other musical talents, it’s best not to restrict them to only the songs you select. The best professional wedding bands and DJs know exactly how to mix things up, when to play what songs, and how to read a crowd to start the party and keep it going all night, so give your band or DJ a little wiggle room. 

Choose Your Music Entertainment Wisely

You can put so much time and effort into picking the perfect songs to add to your wedding playlist, but nothing will make the music better at your wedding than picking a professional DJ, band, or other musical talents with skills and experience. 

A professional wedding band or DJ will play the songs you want, while also knowing when to switch things up, when the best time to play certain songs is, how to keep all your guests happy, and so much more – giving you a chance to enjoy the celebrations. 

For wedding music entertainment that will make your wedding unforgettable, contact SPN Events today! 

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