How To Pick The Right Band For Your Event

In this video, Claudio from Mod Society goes through the process of picking the right band for your event. He talks about what you should look for, what questions to ask bandleaders, and how to compare bands in different price brackets.

Questions for bandleaders:
1. Do you offer different size configurations?
2. Do you provide your own PA system?
3. Do you have wireless microphones for speeches?
4. Do you have backup equipment?
5. Do you provide lighting for the band and dance floor?
6. Do you have a sound technician?
7. Do you have a consistent lineup of musicians? Can we pick singers?
8. Do you learn songs?
9. How long have you been playing together?
10. Do you have any upcoming showcases?

Remember that not every band will be a good fit for you and your event, so if you find yourself asking a band to change too many things about their style, repertoire and/or pricing it’s probably a good sign that they are not for you. Professional bands are usually very well organized and highly rehearsed, so make sure you let them do what they are good at!

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