Here’s How to Make Guests Happy at Any Event


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We want you to have a great time at any event you host, and while we wish we could say it’s all about you, a big part of throwing an epic event is making sure your guests are happy. Since event planning is a lot to put on any plate, we’ve got nine tips on how to throw the best event your guests will ever attend.

Comfort Counts

Depending on your event and how fancy it is, comfort might be the furthest thing from your mind. After all, high heels and suits don’t really scream “comfy,” but making sure your guests are comfortable is essential to hosting an unforgettable event.

So if you’re hosting an outdoor event, make sure to take precautionary measures and have solutions to keep your guests from getting too hot or cold or from being attacked by swarms of mosquitos.

And thoughtful touches like slippers or flip flops for aching feet or restrooms stocked with amenities will go the extra mile to keep your guests comfortable, so they aren’t too distracted to admire your amazing event.

Fabulous Food

Who doesn’t love great food? Even people on strict diets are likely to be flexible at big events, so providing fabulous food, and enough of it is essential for any good party.

You get brownie points for having a diverse dessert table and late-night snack options.

Keep Things Flowing

Nothing kills a party like waiting around, so no matter what event your hosting, make sure your event planning ensures that things move at the right pace.

That means ensuring that hungry guests aren’t waiting around forever to eat, that wedding receptions don’t drag on and on, and enough people are working at the bar to keep the lines moving.

Fill the Dance Floor

If your event planning is for a wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, or any event that involves a dance floor, invite your guests up there ASAP.

Dancing can be the highlight of an event, so don’t make your guests wait too long before they have a chance to show off their moves.

Music Matters

Live music entertainment is a huge part of keeping your guests happy, so make sure you ask the right questions and book the best live band or DJ around.

With the right event music, you’ll provide a constant source of energy and fun for your guests. Plus, your live band or DJ will help fill the dance floor too.

Mix it Up

Everyone expects to dance and eat good food at an event, so keep your guests entertained with some more original options.

A bellydancer, fortune teller, lawn games like giant Jenga, and photo booths are just some of the many ways to keep your guests happy with more than just dancing and food. Plus, these options give your guests who are not so keen on dancing something to do away from the dance floor.

Careful Consideration

Chances are your event will have a range of guests, some who want to focus on mingling, some who want to dance all night, and maybe even kids who need to be entertained.

During your event planning, make sure to have options for everyone to enjoy. Maybe that means a lounging area where older guests can chat or kid-oriented games and activities. 

A Moment With the Guest of Honor

Whatever the event, guests want to see their hosts, especially at a wedding, so make sure to fit making rounds for quick chats and photo ops with your guest into your event timeline.

Send Them off With Swag

Keep your guests happy even after the event is over by sending them home with some awesome goodies.

When in doubt, delicious treats like gourmet chocolate are always a hit.

With these tips, you’re well on your way to an event that guests just can’t get enough of. For the best music entertainment to make it even better, contact SPN Events today!


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