Break the Cliché: Try These Modern Wedding Entertainment Ideas


Your wedding planner may have a few ideas for your big day, but do all of them sound too cliché? You’re in luck. There are some ingenious wedding entertainment ideas that you may not be aware of, and some great ways to vamp up “ordinary” entertainment. But, before you even begin to decide what you want, it is imperative to decide what you need.

What is on your list of needs? Music most certainly tops this list I am sure, but what else? Lights? Guests? Now is the perfect time to make a list and separate your wants and your needs. Many of you may feel like you need live entertainment while others are content with hiring an experienced DJ. Whatever the case may be, everyone has their non-negotiable plans and now is the time to write down what those are.

The following are modern entertainment ideas to help you spice up your wedding reception – and many of them will allow you to keep to your budget!


  • Wedding Singer: This wedding entertainment idea is not a new one, but there are many different types of wedding singers to choose from. For example, if your wedding has a theme you may want to go all out and hire a wedding singer that specializes in a specific genre and can solidify the theme for your guests.
  • Wedding Band: If you have your sights set on live entertainment, you should have no problem finding a wedding band in NYC. Again, it can be a great idea to find a band that adheres to your genre, but you can also take it a step further. Ask the band if they have any ideas. For example, if they are open to playing a few songs and handing the microphone over to family or friends for karaoke every hour or half hour. This is a great way to keep your guests involved and engaged.
  • String Quartet or Harpist: If you are looking to portray a feeling of luxury, hiring a string quartet or harpist to play during dinner is the way to go. There is nothing like smooth strings playing in the background during a delicious meal shared with family and friends. However, your string quartet and harpist do not need to be restricted to playing during dinner. Ask them about the variety of music they play and if they know or can learn the song/songs for any special dances that will be occurring during the night. Having these musicians present at the reception will show your guests that they are appreciated.

Activities at the Table

  • Ice Breakers: If you are having a hard time choosing the proper seating arrangements, or simply don’t have the time to make a seating chart, placing icebreakers on the table can be the perfect way to ensure that all of your guests are comfortable during dinner. Simply write a few questions or statements for your guests to respond to (about the bride and groom or unrelated) and place them in a decorative jar or dish with instructions on how to participate.
  • Wed-Libs: If you are looking for an activity that you can enjoy later, provide wed-libs for your guests to fill out during dinner or the reception and provide a place to turn them in. Here is an example. The story you concoct can be about the wedding, bridal party, etc. Just remember, if there is alcohol involved you should prepare for some pretty crazy responses.

Activities on the Dance Floor and Beyond

  • Dance Lesson: This is a wonderful idea if you and your guests are open to taking some direction. Choose the perfect slow (or fast) song that you want to forever be associated with your wedding and hire a dance instructor to teach simple choreography for that specific song. Within a few minutes of teaching, your guests will have learned a dance that may not stick with them forever, but the memories of learning with each other and the song they danced to will.
  • Ice Cream Truck: If you are having a summer wedding – especially an outdoor wedding – skip the cake (or take the minimalistic approach with it) and opt for an ice cream truck. No, I don’t mean the kind that plays “La Cucaracha.” If you don’t want to take it that far, you can just as easily hire an ice cream cart to show up also!

After all, is said and done, and the guests think that the party is winding down, is the perfect time to bring out some memorable midnight snacks. Whether it is milk and cookies or another fan favorite, this could be the perfect way to end the night – with full hearts and stomachs.

Whether you are planning a traditional or modern wedding, there is always room for extra activities. Your wedding entertainment is what guests will remember most, aside from the delicious food, so keep that in mind when you meet with your wedding planner. There is little worse than a long reception that offers little to no entertainment. These modern wedding entertainment ideas can be just the thing to turn a boring event into a memorable one!

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