8 Things Wedding Guests Really Care About

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Your wedding is about you and your love, but happy wedding guests are important too. Your wedding should be an expression of your love story, personality, and taste, and it’s you and your fiance’s big day. But, you’ll also have many guests who are taking time out of their schedules, hiring babysitters, spending money, and possibly traveling far distances to celebrate you. Considering the guest experience is a significant part of wedding planning. 

Not only is knowing what your wedding guests really care about essential to having an unforgettable wedding, but it can also help you save money! That’s right – when you know what wedding guests care about, you don’t have to waste money on things they won’t notice or remember.

To help you plan the wedding of the century here’s what wedding guests care about:

What Do Wedding Guests Care About?

The Food 

Everyone loves to eat, and food is something that all your guests will notice. In fact, for many guests, the right food is one of the most important features of a wedding. There are so many options for how to serve your wedding menu, from a sit-down dinner to food stations, so you have options. Whatever you choose, just make sure the food you serve appeals to a wide range of guests and never runs low. And don’t keep your guests waiting around for too long for food! 

If you really want to take your guests’ happiness to the next level, be the ultimate wedding host and provide late-night snacks as your wedding ends. Your tipsy guests who are tired from a night on the dance floor will love this. 

The Drinks

Your guests come to your wedding to celebrate your love, but they’re also trying to have a good time, which for most of your wedding guests will involve frequent visits to the bar. From your cocktail hour to the big party, there are many ways to add a touch of uniqueness to your drink menu. From creative cocktails to craft beers and wine tasting, there’s something for everyone’s preference. 

While an open-bar is the best option as far as guest happiness goes, if it’s entirely out of your budget, then opt for providing only beer and wine or a couple of signature cocktails for your guests to keep them happy. 


Event music is so much more important than you might think, especially at a wedding. The right music entertainment at your wedding can make all the difference for the guest experience. The best music entertainment will manage the flow of your wedding, get your guests on the dance floor, and so much more. 

Whether you choose a live band or DJ depends on multiple factors. But make sure to choose professional music entertainment that can read the crowd, get the party started, and keep it going. 

The Venue

Choosing and booking your dream venue will be one of the most significant wedding decisions you make, and it will matter for your guests too. Your wedding venue will set the tone for the whole experience, and your guests will notice it. Whether you opt for an indoor wedding and outdoor event or a combination of both, there are some factors that wedding guests really care about. 

For your wedding venue, the right amount of space is key. If you have an outdoor wedding, it’s also essential to consider the terrain your guests will have to walk through. High heels sink into sand or dirt, and patent leather shoes can get scuffed on rocky ground, so try to at least incorporate a path that makes this more comfortable and give your guests a heads up. 

A venue with a view is always a plus. And of course, if you have an outdoor wedding, always consider the weather. No one can guarantee what the weather will be like on your wedding day, but prepare for the possibilities. If there’s a chance of rain, make sure you set up tents and have an indoor option, or if it might get hot out, offer handheld fans to guests as a party favor. 

The Location

When it comes to what wedding guests care about, the venue itself is essential, but so is its location. Whether it’s a destination wedding or just a venue a couple of hours away from home, traveling for a wedding can be a hassle for wedding guests. But, it’s your wedding, and you should have it where you want it, just try and make traveling to your location as easy as possible. 

When considering a destination wedding, opt for a location near a major airport with lots of direct inbound and outbound flights. Also, recommend different accommodation options to try and meet everyone’s budget. And if possible, find ways to make transportation to nearby hotels easier to handle, whether it’s through a shuttle service, uber code, or taxi recommendations. Making traveling to your wedding an easier feat to take on will matter to your guests, and can turn a headache into an excuse to take a vacation. 

Even for local weddings, if it fits in your budget, providing transportation will always make guests happy.

Seating Arrangements

Selecting seating arrangements can be a stressful component of planning your wedding, but it’s something wedding guests care about. It might be appealing to try and mix things up or try and play matchmaker, but your guests will appreciate it most if you sit them next to people they know and like. The wrong seating arrangements can completely ruin the guest experience. 

Some couples opt to ditch assigned wedding seats altogether, but that’s not always the best option. For guests who don’t know many people at the wedding, this can be overwhelming. And even for guests who do know each other, it can lead to a lack of organization. But, if this option is more your style, you can opt for having assigned tables, but let guests pick their seats.

Comfort for All

Some of your guests will want to dance all night long, but other guests, from those who aren’t so keen on dancing to elderly guests, will want to socialize. It’s important to make sure your guests who don’t want to spend all night on the dance floor don’t have to spend the night yelling over each other. This can be solved by creating a volume control plan or creating a separate social space with comfy lounge seats for guests who want to take it easy. 

Time With the Newlyweds 

There are so many props and entertainment ideas to keep your guests occupied all night long, but don’t forget that they want to see the newly married couple. That doesn’t mean you have to spend your whole wedding in one-on-one conversations, although making your rounds is important. But get on the dance floor and have a good time with your wedding guests! 

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