8 Common Wedding Music Myths Debunked


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We might be a little biased in the monumental role we think music plays in creating an unforgettable event, but we’re not the only ones. Studies show listening to music encourages happiness and increases well-being. So for the biggest event of your life, make sure you don’t miss out on the best wedding music because of these eight common myths.

Wedding Bands are Corny and DJs Play Cheesy Tunes

There’s an ongoing rumor that bands are too corny and DJs play cheesy tunes like the “Cha Cha Slide,” but it’s just not true. The industry of wedding music has evolved big time, and with a little research and communication, corny or cheesy is immediately replaced with cool and impressive.

When it comes to a live band, professionals will have high-quality audio and video for you to check out, so you know just what you’re getting before you commit. And a talented wedding DJ will combine originality with your playlist and “do not play” list.

A Live Band Will Be Too Loud

Ever leave a concert with your ears ringing? If you have, then it’s probably easy to understand how this myth came around.

But, for the most part, volume is a pretty controlled variable, and professional wedding bands will have a sound team or sound engineer that knows just how to set the volume for your event space and timeline.

Any Band or DJ Will Do

It might sound like a good idea to choose a friend with a playlist over a professional DJ, but more often than not it’s going to lead to the music entertainment falling a little short.

While your friend might be talented, for a wedding DJ, you need both talent and experience. Wedding DJs do a lot more than just spin, and they’ll play a huge a part in keeping your guests dancing, laughing, and engaged all night. Plus, they’ll help keep your wedding timeline on schedule.

DJs Will Save You Big Money

There are many benefits to having a DJ perform at your wedding, but if your only reason for hiring one is to save money, then you should probably reevaluate.

While hiring a DJ can often cost less than other music entertainment options, it’s not always the case. There’s a lot of skill involved in being a professional wedding DJ, and they know what their time and talent are worth.

Plus as a highlight of your wedding, this isn’t an area where you want to skimp.

Bands and String Pieces Don’t Offer Enough Variety

A top-notch wedding band will have a ton to offer.

Of course, if you opt for a jazz band, you’ll be listening to a lot of jazz, but the best bands will be able to stray away from their genre a little.

This variety is especially true if you’re thinking about a string trio or string quartet. While it might seem like string pieces can only keep it classical, a professional string piece will crush your favorite pop songs.

Bands Take Too Many Breaks

All bands will have to take a break, but with the right band that doesn’t mean the music and dancing has to stop.

A professional wedding band will know when it’s the best time to fit in breaks, and they’ll work to fit their breaks in around lull times like cake cutting, toasts, or bouquet tosses. And most professionals will be willing to work with you and have band members stagger breaks, so the music never stops.

DJs Talk Too Much

If you’ve ever been at an event where it feels like the DJ does more talking than spinning, then it’s understandable that you could believe this myth. But a professional DJ will know when to speak and when to focus on keeping the music flowing.

With the right DJ, all you have to do to avoid excess talking is plan ahead. Let your DJ know when you want announcements made like for cake cutting and toasts. This way you have music and help with moving your guests along different stages of your wedding.

You Can’t Have a DJ and a Band

If it’s in your budget, there’s no reason you can’t have a DJ and a Band, in most cases this combination will make your wedding even better.

Having a band and DJ will ensure that your wedding music is full of variety and your guests are dancing all night. Plus, DJs can also spin during band breaks, so the music never stops.

And if you want both experiences, just not at the same time, you can hire a live band for your ceremony and cocktail hour and a wedding DJ for your reception.

The Perfect Wedding Music for Your Big Day

From soloist to string duos (trios, quartets, and beyond) to jazz bands and DJs, the perfect wedding music is all about picking professionals with talent and experience. At SPN events, our musicians have all that and more, and we’re ready to provide you with the music for a wedding of a lifetime.


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