10 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

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Your wedding is the biggest party you’ll ever throw, and it’s so much more than just a party. Wedding planning involves covering a million things so it can be easy to miss a few. But to ensure your wedding is as magical as you’ve always imagined, make sure you don’t miss these ten wedding planning mistakes.

Blowing Your Budget

Weddings are super expensive, and if you start planning and booking all the things you want before establishing a budget, you’re going to be in for an unfortunate surprise. From booking the perfect venue before realizing it means you can’t pay for everything else you need to falling in love with a dress before considering how much it costs, not establishing a budget and sticking to it is a recipe for disaster.

When planning your budget, don’t forget to factor in some extra wiggle room for unexpected expenses that always pop up!

Having a Guest List That Doesn’t Match Your Venue

When planning a wedding most people assume that a good portion of guests who are invited will rsvp “no,” and while that’s possible if you invite more people than your venue fits and most people do show up, you’re in for a big headache. No one likes feeling cramped and overcrowded, so make sure your guest list matches your venue capacity.

Inviting Everyone You Know

People tend to get carried away with wedding invitations and feeling obligated to invite everyone they know, but there’s something special about a guest list full of just your dearest and nearest. Plus, inviting only the people who play active roles in your life to your wedding means you can throw a more incredible wedding for the same prices as inviting your college roommates friend who you partied with that one time or your family friend whose name you can’t actually remember.

Not Letting Your Band or DJ do Their Job

If you’ve made the excellent choice of having professional event music at your wedding, then make sure they can take your wedding to the next level with music by letting them do what they’re best at.

It’s perfectly okay (and encouraged) to tell your DJ or Band what you want to be played and providing a do not play list, but DJs and professional live bands are experts at keeping the party alive and everything flowing smoothly, so don’t go overboard with micromanagement.  

Having a Cash Bar or Closing the Bar Early

Nothing, absolutely nothing will bum your guests out more than a cash bar or a bar that’s closed before the party is entirely over. Drinks will make up a good chunk of your wedding expenses, so if you’re on a budget get creative with other ways to save on drinks.

You can try serving just a couple of signature cocktails along with wine and beer. And some venues will agree to a corkage option which means bottles that aren’t opened can be returned.

Ditching the Backup Weather Plan

This wedding planning mistake to avoid only applies to outdoor weddings, but so many couples cross their fingers and forget about a backup plan, and while you might get lucky, you also might end up with a huge mess on your hands. No matter how lucky you’re feeling, make sure to have a backup, and remember rain isn’t the only weather issue to think about.

Not Being Clear With Your Photographer

We’re all about artistic liberty, but your wedding photos are memories that you will cherish forever, so you don’t want to leave things up to chance. Make sure you get real with your photographer about exactly what you want and are expecting.

Don’t be afraid to get as detailed as possible, like mentioning that you want your vows taken at the exact time magic hour is at its peak for the perfect pictures.

Going Crazy Over Tiny Details

We know your wedding is a big deal, and wanting everything to be perfect is natural, but stressing over every little detail is so not worth it. Seriously, no one is going to remember what color your napkins were or what your silverware looked like, so just make a choice and move on.

Not Greeting Your Guests

No matter how great of a time your guests are having, they’re going to want to have some time with the new married couple, even if it’s just a couple of minutes and a quick picture. Take some time to consider when you’ll make your rounds.

Being Too Traditional

There’s nothing wrong with tradition, but if you want a wedding that’s unique, then go for it! Don’t feel obligated by tradition, and don’t be afraid to add a few twists on tradition that represent you and your love, and personalize your wedding.

A lot can go wrong with wedding planning, but with these must avoid mistakes, you’ll be in the clear as you get ready for your big day. While we can’t make sure every aspect of your wedding is flawless, we can provide music that is. Contact SPN Events today to see how we can provide the perfect event music for your wedding.

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